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How to Make the Most of Your Pizza Maker

by Justin

Who doesn’t love pizza? Apparently, there aren’t many people who don’t as it’s considered the most popular food in the world. Therefore, if you don’t have a pizza maker yet, now’s a good time to look for one. Not only will this device allow you to make delicious homemade pizza masterpieces. But you can also use it to make other dishes and keeping the device in good order is very easy. The following tips and tricks will allow you to realize all the potential of this simple appliance.

Cook More Than Pizza

First of all, the best thing about a pizza maker is that you can use it to make many different things besides the actual pizza. This is something you definitely should consider if you want to avoid putting too many appliances into your kitchen.

Ideas for what to make in a pizza maker include:

  • Breaded fish
  • Baked sweet potatoes (or various other veggies)
  • Baked ziti
  • Pizza pockets
  • Eggs and sausages

This list can go on for a while. Therefore, you should experiment with different products to see what you can make with your specific pizza oven. Bear in mind that foods usually cook faster within it compared to a regular oven.

Go Through All Instructions Twice

Another secret to making the most out of your pizza maker is to actually read all the documentation included in the package. It’s essential to remember that these appliances are extremely versatile. So you need to be sure that you understand its limits and features.

Studying all instructions thoroughly will not only help you prevent breaking the device. This will also enable you to understand what it is truly capable of. You can use this information to decide what products are suited for cooking in the pizza oven.

Start With Basic Recipes

The trick to making delicious food in any appliance is to learn all its “quirks”. Instructions will help you, but many things only come with practice. Therefore, you should start with the simplest recipes when working with a new pizza maker.

Get a sense of how exactly the device works and take notes. In a few weeks, review the notes to see how exactly you can get the best results using the appliance. Then you can start experimenting with more complex recipes.

Clear After Every Use

Grease is the biggest enemy of pizza makers. If you don’t clean it off right away it might damage the heating elements and electric insides of the device. Therefore, you should never leave this device dirty.

However, remember to let it cool down a bit after use if you want to avoid burns.

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