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Home Brewing Tips for Beginners: Equipment to Get You Started

by Justin

Really good beer is hard to come by. That’s why home brewing has always enjoyed a measure of popularity. Interest in it has skyrocketed during the lockdowns of 2020 and has not abated. If you are one of those who wish to try making their own beer at home, you’ll be happy to learn this won’t require a huge investment. In fact, you can start your home brewing career with only a few simple tools.

Basic Home Brewing Equipment You Need

  • Stock pot.
    A good stock pot is a key element for a home brewing setup. It will act as your brew kettle, therefore, you will need to invest in a big one if you plan to brew a lot. Note that if you plan to make one gallon of the final product, the stock pot must fit two gallons and have some space still. A three-gallon stock pot will be best for one-gallon brewing.
  • Colander or a nylon bag.
    To simplify the brewing process you can put grains into a nylon bag for soaking. Then, you’ll just remove the bag and drain it a bit. You can use a colander for the same purpose. But it will be messier.
  • Digital scale.
    Accuracy is vital for making fantastic beer at home. A digital scale is a must-have and you should invest in good quality to be sure that it is truly accurate.
  • Thermometer.
    It’s very important to keep an eye on the temperature of the mash. Therefore, you’ll need a top-quality thermometer suitable for the purpose. A highly sensitive electronic device will be best.
  • Carboy.
    A one-gallon carboy is will be your fermentation vessel. Choose glass over plastic as it’s more durable and easier to maintain and sanitize.
  • Funnel.
    You’ll need it to use the carboy.
  • Airlock and cap.
    You’ll need those to seal the carboy.
  • Blow-off tube.
    This is not a mandatory piece, but it’s best to use one for the first 2-3 days of fermentation. You’ll need to place it in the airlock to “blow off steam” if boiling is intensive.

Please bear in mind that you will also need equipment for bottling if you want to pour your home brew into bottles right away.

Most importantly, do not forget to stock up on top-quality food-safe sanitizer. You’ll need to make sure every piece of equipment you use is not only clean but thoroughly sanitized. It will be more convenient to use spray sanitizers. However, if you can’t afford the best of those, choose the options that you’ll use to soak your equipment for a few hours.

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