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Cooking Soups & Stock: How to Prevent Sticking to the Bottom of the Pot

by Justin

No gourmet brand can compare to the delicious marvel that is homemade soup or stock. Making those is an art appreciated by almost every culture on the planet. There is some unique soup recipe for every cuisine, and some have more than one.

However, every person who cooked soup or stock knows that sometimes foods can catch the bottom of the pot. This is not only annoying and makes cleanup difficult. But it’s also a danger for your dish because your soup might burn that way. It won’t catch on fire, but the taste will be affected greatly.

The good news is that if you use the right tools and prepare, you should be able to avoid this problem with ease.

Tips for Cooking the Best Soup and Stock: Choose the Right Pot

The most effective way to ensure your food doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot while slow-cooking is to buy the best stock pot you can afford. Quality truly makes a difference in this case. The point is to have a pot with a thick bottom that distributes the heat evenly. This is most important when using gas burners because they often tend to provide uneven heating throughout the bottom.

That said, even a thin pot should be enough for clear soups. However, if you want to cook something thicker or stew, you’ll need to add the layers on your own.

The easiest way to do this is to put your pot into a cast iron skillet. Oil the skillet to ensure even heat distribution. Another idea is to take a bigger pot and cook your soup in this kind of DIY double-boiler.

Some of the stranger methods include layering the bottom of your soup pot with cabbage leaves or putting a few pieces of silverware into the pot. The silverware idea can be used for making huge batches of soup in humongous pots, which are usually thin. In this case, forks and spoons at the bottom will help distribute the heat. If using cabbage leaves for extra protection, be careful not to move them when stirring the soup.

What to Do if Food Pieces Are Stuck?

If your preparations didn’t help and bits of food caught at the bottom of the pot, you’ll need to add more water. You can add broth or stock or any other liquid. But the point is to add more liquid, preferably cold. Leave the pot for a minute or two and then set to scraping the food off the bottom. Then, just stir more frequently to keep it from catching again.

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