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Cake Transportation Guide: Keep It Perfect No Matter the Distance

by Justin

There are dozens of fantastic cake recipes and enjoying a delicious cake made by a loved one is a fantastic experience. Therefore, it’s no wonder that so many people make these delightful treats as gifts, not to mention for special events and celebrations. However, this often involves transporting the cake, which can easily turn into a minor tragedy. These treats are rather delicate and you’ll need to invest some special care if you want to make sure the cake reaches its destination in perfect condition.

Buy a Suitable Carrier

First of all, you’ll need to invest in a cake & cupcake carrier of a suitable size. These items are designed specifically to allow for easy transportation. But you need to find one that will fit your cake size perfectly, taking icing into account. Remember that the carrier needs to have a bit of room around the sides to allow for little movement.

If the transportation is long, you also need to make sure that the model seals well to ensure freshness. Note that you will need to check the clasps carefully. You wouldn’t want the lid to fail you at the worst possible moment.

Finally, use a non-skid mat if the carrier is too big or there is a high risk of the cake slipping during transportation.

A neat trick to remember is to package decorations separately and place them on the cake before serving. This way, you’ll avoid the biggest possible issue that might occur, which is ruined decoration. Smudged icing is a lot easier to fix.

Keep It Level

It’s convenient to just place the cake carrier onto a seat next to you. However, remember that car seats aren’t level. Therefore, your cake is sure to slip. To avoid this, use a board or a box of some kind. Make sure to place the carrier on it in a way that will prevent it from skidding all over the place.

Mind your driving as well. When transporting a cake, a pothole or making a sharp turn are not only bad for the vehicle. You might accidentally ruin your cake just by speeding and them hitting the breaks.

Mind the Weather

It’s not only mechanical damage that you should watch out for. The weather is also important, especially on a hot day. A cake left in a hot car for even a few minutes might spoil or melt. Therefore, make sure that you keep it at optimum temperature for transportation.

Final Touch

Finally, when removing the cake from a box or carrier, be sure to slide it out instead of lifting. It would be a shame to break the delicious masterpiece after you’ve put so much care into transporting it.

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