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How to Buy the Best Pizza Maker: Your Guide to the Multitude of Choices

by Justin

If you want to make the best pizza at home, you need an electric pizza maker. This machine will make baking pizza a breeze and allow you to save money. Not only will you be able to forego ordering pizza from stores. But you’ll also be able to cut down on your electricity bills. Pizza making machines of today are very energy-efficient. Therefore, you won’t be wasting power as you would have when using an oven. The selection of such appliances on the market is huge, so you should take your time studying the options. And remember, despite the fact that it’s called a pizza maker, some of these machines can be used for cooking a variety of other foods, ranging from omelets to cookies.

Buy the Best Pizza Maker Machine to Use at Home and Parties

Presto 03430 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Whether you want to bake pizza or heat up some frozen treats or even to make crispy chicken strips, the Presto 03430 is the best electric cooking appliance for your needs.

This device by Presto takes up little space but it can be extremely helpful and versatile. First of all, it’s the best pizza maker machine to use if you want to cut down on energy bills. It consumes about 60% less power than a regular electric oven when baking pizza. There are two heating elements (top and bottom) that can be controlled individually. The device power max is 1,235W.

This allows you a lot of flexibility when cooking. For example, you can run the bottom element for longer when making a rising-crust pizza. There’s an auto-shutoff feature for heating elements and a timer. You can make pizzas up to 12’’ in this electric cooking machine. The baking pan is non-stick and removable. The machine rotates the pan to ensure even cooking of any foods.

Owners of this pizza maker love the device and use it not only for pizzas. Greg, who has been using this machine since 2008, says that it’s one of the best purchases he ever made. Another reviewer, Ben, commends how this device can cook so much more than regular pizzas. Everyone likes that the device cooks food very fast. However, some people note that this machine isn’t the best for cooking some of the store-bought pizzas with thick dough. But thinner pizzas taste better anyway.


  • Highly versatile
  • Energy-efficient
  • Very easy to clean


  • Won’t cook thick dough
  • Only fits 12’’ pizzas max
  • Pizza doesn’t come out smoking hot

Betty Crocker BC-2958CR Pizza Maker

The BC-2958CR by Betty Crocker is not merely a pizza maker. It’s the best electric cooking appliance for those who want to save energy and save time. This machine is capable of making anything from quesadillas to humongous cookies to omelets. And cooking in it takes very little time. Therefore, you get to save a lot of energy compared to using an electric oven. Cleaning up this versatile appliance is also easy and you can store it out of the way.

The device allows you to make up to 12’’ pizzas. Also, it’s equipped with a power-on indicator light and a ready-to-bake indicator light. The baking surface is non-stick. Clean it with a sponge and cloth after it cools. The thermostat is self-regulated.

People who use this pizza maker like its versatility most of all. Nas, one of the users, expresses a very popular opinion that this pizza making machine is fantastic and cooks pizzas very fast. Jay, like many others, has used it for making multiple baked treats, like lahmacun and naan, and was very happy with results. The only complaint coming from some users is that you can’t regulate the temperature manually. However, the built-in thermostat cooks almost anything perfectly and this configuration allows to keep the price low.


  • Highly versatile
  • Energy-efficient
  • Cooks fast


  • Baking surfaces aren’t removable
  • No manual temperature control

Goplus Stainless Steel Electric Pizza Maker

If you want to cook pizza and clean up fast, this is the best pizza maker for you.

The Goplus pizza machine is a great appliance that will fit any home or even a professional kitchen. It will cook a pizza in minutes. And if you go for a standard frozen product, you can have it done perfectly in about 12-15 minutes tops. This pizza maker is rather versatile and you can use it to make almost anything that you would put into a toaster oven. However, be sure not to cook any greasy foods in it.

The baker oven fits pizzas up to 12’’ in diameter. It has a baking rack and a crumb tray, which make it easy to clean the device. The appliance is equipped with an auto-shutoff timer you can set for 30 minutes maximum. Two heating elements, one at the top and one at the bottom, ensure even cooking of all foods.

According to reviewers, this is a great machine that helps you save time and money. One of the happy owners, Beauty Queen, says that pizza from this machine comes out so yummy, they stopped ordering from brand stores altogether. Brian and many other users of this pizza baking oven, say that it’s very easy to clean. Some buyers dislike that the stainless steel of the oven is very thin. However, this doesn’t impact the overall quality of the device. It still cooks excellent pizza.


  • Easy to clean
  • 30-minute timer
  • Very easy to use


  • Can’t be taken apart for a thorough cleaning
  • Thin material of the cover
  • Can’t use for cooking greasy foods

Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven

The Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven allows you to make great pizza outdoors cooking it perfectly on a ceramic pizza stone.

The Camp Chef Artisan Pizza Oven is an accessory perfectly compatible with all Camp Chef 16’’ Cooking System Stoves. It should be used outdoors only, so it’s the best pizza maker for camping trips and outdoor parties. This device is a machine but it will make pizza that tastes as if it was cooked in a wood-fire brick oven. That’s due to a pizza stone made of cordierite ceramic.

The device is big and weighs 30 pounds. However, you can use it to bake a large or several small pizzas at the same time. It’s great for baking pies and cookies as well. The ceramic stone ensures even heat distribution. It also provides you with a crunchy crust. The device features a built-in temperature gauge and comes with a selection of recipes. The temperature in the oven reaches the maximum of 700F.

People who use this oven are outright amazed. That’s what Methylamine is saying as she explains that the oven does make a pizza that tastes the same as brick-oven-baked ones do. Jeremy S. also adds that when it’s heated, it can make a thin crust pizza in about 4 minutes. A few users complain that the open oven design isn’t very well fit for camping because the temperature inside drops on windy days. However, you should be able to cook anything you need even at lower temperatures. You can also solve this problem by placing the oven in a way to protect it from the worst of the wind.


  • Ceramic pizza stone
  • Reaches 700F


  • Used outdoors only
  • Performance affected by the weather

Brevile BREBPZ600XL Pizza Maker

You don’t need a brick oven to make perfect pizza as the BREBPZ600XL allows you to make it at home with no mess.

This electric pizza maker allows you to bake fantastic brick-oven style pizza in minutes. It’s equipped with a ceramic baking stone that heats up evenly and dries and bakes the crust to perfection. The stone’s diameter is 12’’ so it only fits pizzas up to 11’’. There are two heating elements at the top and bottom of the machine. Therefore, any pizzas, frittatas, and other dishes you make are cooked evenly on both sides.

The machine heats up to 660F, so the taste of your pizza can match one from an oven. It’s energy-efficient and has three temp settings for thin, thick, and medium crusts. Bear in mind that the machine must be pre-heated for 30 minutes to produce the best results. After this, it will bake your pizza within 6-12 minutes.

The vast majority of reviewers absolutely love this pizza oven. One of them, James, says that he and his wife like the controls and window that allows you to monitor the baking process most of all. Paul@Austin adds that he really can’t believe how good a pizza this machine makes. The only complaint about it is that it doesn’t have much vertical clearance. But this only means that you can make any type of pizza except for the one with a thick crust and piled sky-high with toppings.


  • 3 settings for different crusts
  • High-quality ceramic baking stone
  • Dual heating elements
  • Heats up to 660F


  • Little vertical clearance
  • Only makes up to 11’’ pizzas
  • Not fit for thick-crust pizzas

Shopping for the Best Pizza Maker Machine: Most Important Considerations

The best pizza maker is an electric machine that must be energy-efficient, versatile, and easy to clean. These devices vary greatly in power and design, but every type has some excellent options. The main things you should pay attention to when choosing this kind of machine are:

  • Heating elements.
    To cook good pizza the appliance must provide even heat distribution. It also must be capable of reaching high enough temperatures to actually bake. The best options definitely are appliances with double heating elements. One should be on top and one at the bottom. For maximum cooking flexibility, you should try looking for a pizza maker that allows you to turn these elements on and off separately.
  • Size.
    The majority of pizza making machines for home allow you to make a 12’’ pizza max. However, with these devices you need to mind not only the diameter of the baking surface but also vertical clearance. As the majority of them have a top lid, the clearance will determine just how much food you can pile on the pizza. If you love thick-crust pizzas with lots of toppings, you might do better with an oven. Electric pizza makers are better-suited to think crusts so that pizza can cook fast.
  • Ease of cleaning.
    The majority of electric pizza ovens cannot be disassembled for cleaning. At best, you will be able to remove s few parts. But usually, you will need to wipe down the cooking surfaces and that’s all. It’s always best to choose a model that allows for maximum sanitation.
  • Versatility.
    A pizza making machine shouldn’t be able to make only pizzas. You can use this appliance for making quesadillas, cookies, omelets, and even pies. Therefore, it’s always best to choose a model with controllable temperature settings and timer. Those will allow you to customize the cooking process to fit different types of dishes.

Are You Ready to Buy the Best Pizza Makers?

It’s hard to choose the best pizza maker machine when there are so many great options available. This definitely should be an electric device as they are the most energy-efficient. To buy an appliance that will save you both time and money, you should pick one that makes not only pizzas. However, every top model meets that requirement. Therefore, the main consideration when choosing this device should be your personal preference. Your budget also matters. But luckily for you, some good electric pizza makers are rather inexpensive.

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