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Top 5 Best Margarita Machines for Home

by Justin

If you want to make fantastic frozen drinks at home, you’ll need to look into the best margarita machines. One of the many great devices available on the market today is sure to be perfect for you. There are models that allow you to make many types of frozen concoctions, including margaritas, daiquiris, and even slushies for your kids. Others are designed to be bar-machines specifically. One thing that all these margarita makers should have in common is the ability to produce top-quality drinks. They should be smooth and delicious, as if made in a real high-class bar. That’s what you need to look for in a home margarita machine.

5 Best Home Margarita Machines to Use

Key West Frozen Drink Maker by Margaritaville

Margaritaville is renowned for making the best margarita machines and the Key West is a star among the collection as it delivers fantastic frozen drinks.

No matter what frozen drinks you want to make, this model definitely is one of the best margarita machines. It’s perfect for home use because it comes with a 36 oz. jar. The ice reservoir is big enough to fit enough ice for making 2 ½-3 pitchers. Therefore, you can make frozen drinks for your guests easily. Pouring them would also be easy because this model has a specially designed jar for quick serving. The lid has a pour-flap, so you don’t have to take off every time.

This margarita maker runs on 450W of power and is durable due to premium-quality materials. Most importantly, you can use it not only to make margaritas. There are four pre-programmed settings as well as manual shave-only and blend-only settings. Moreover, you get to choose whether to make one, two, or three drinks per batch. The most important advantage of this home margarita machine is that it makes frozen drinks of perfect consistency. That’s because it shaves the ice instead of crushing it.

The vast majority of users are absolutely in love with this margarita maker. BEDo3, one of the reviewers, sums up the popular opinions well by saying that it makes great and smooth frozen drinks, and it does so fast. There are a few complaints that the machine might jam if you use half-moon shaped ices from an ice maker. But any other ice shouldn’t cause this issue.


  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Makes 1-3 drinks
  • Large ice reservoir
  • Shaves ice well
  • Easy-pour jar with a special lid


  • Half-moon ice often gets jammed
  • Bad customer service reported

Premium Cocktail and Margarita Machine for the Home Bar by Bartesian

The Bartesian machine for making premium cocktails at home is a fantastic aid to everyone who wants to set up a real bar.

You should consider this cocktail maker not only when you are looking for the best margarita machines, but also when you want to enjoy a dozen other drinks at home. In essence, it allows you to mix bar-grade cocktails in a few moments. As long as you use the cocktail capsules designed specifically for the machine, you’re guaranteed to enjoy high-quality mixes. All those capsules are freshness-dated and completely recyclable. Their contents are created by certified mixologists. The versatility of options ensures that all your guests will find a perfect drink.

Moreover, they can enjoy those drinks fast because of the auto-cleaning feature. It cleans the system after every use, which means that the flavor of the next cocktail will be pure. The machine is equipped with five premium-grade glass bottles for holding vodka, gin, whiskey, rum, and tequila. All parts of the machine are dishwasher-safe, so cleaning is a breeze. You choose the preferred strength of the drink.

People who own this machine are very happy with it. OkieDoc, who is actually a bar owner, says he’s been looking for a cocktail maker for home for a long time and this is the best. He notes that the pre-mixed cocktail capsules aren’t too sweet, which makes this brand stand out. Note that some buyers complain that their machines arrived used or damaged. Therefore, you should only buy from trusted retailers. And get a replacement immediately if the device isn’t in pristine condition.


  • Mixes versatile cocktails
  • Very easy to use
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Self-cleaning feature


  • Requires cocktail mix capsules

Bahamas (DM0700-000-000) Best Margarita Machines by Margaritaville

The Bahamas model by Margaritaville is a good choice if you love frozen drinks and want to make great ones without spending a small fortune.

The Bahamas is among the best margarita machines for those who want to get good value without spending too much. This is a great device for making frozen drinks at home without any effort. The No-Brainer Mixer has markings that will allow you to make perfect margaritas, daiquiris, pina coladas, and other popular cocktails. All machine parts are dishwasher-safe.

This margarita machine has a 36 oz. easy-pour jar and an ice reservoir with the capacity of 1 jar. Therefore, you’ll be able to mix up to 3 portions of your favorite frozen drink in seconds. There is one pre-programmed shaving and blending setting. You can also use manual shave-only and blend-only features. Those will enable you to make personalized cocktails. The ice-shaving feature of top Margaritaville machines is always excellent. As such, it produces frozen drinks of perfect consistency.

Hundreds of reviewers agree that this margarita machine is an excellent investment. Jeremy M says that it’s a great machine that makes margaritas in 30 seconds. Another reviewer, The Mistress, says she used it to make different types of margaritas (chocolate, strawberry, and regular) and all came out perfect. There are a few complaints about cleaning the ice-shaving mechanism as sometimes ice gets stuck. But you can just wait for it to melt and clean it up then.


  • Good value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent ice shaving capability


  • Some parts are hard to clean
  • Only 1 pre-programmed drink setting

Key West (DM1946-000-000) Anniversary Edition with Jimmy Buffet Signature Maker by Margaritaville

Whether you want to make a present to yourself or someone else, this special edition celebrating a decade of the incredible Margaritaville drinks is a great choice.

The Key West by Margaritaville is one of the best margarita machines of all times. It’s perfect for making frozen drinks at home. And this model is even more special due to the replica of Jimmy Buffet’s signature. This small detail ensures that the device will take a place of pride at any bar.

However, the best thing about it is that the signature decorates a fantastic margarita maker. It has a large capacity jar that fits up to three 12 oz. drinks. The ice reservoir fits enough ice to fill that jar three times over. Margaritaville’s ice shaving technology ensures a smooth perfect texture of your frozen drinks. There are four pre-programmed drink settings and manual shave and blend-only settings. The machine is easy to clean and all of its parts are dishwasher-safe. The jar is easy to use as well and you don’t have to take off the lid to pour.

People who own this collectible margarita maker say that it’s an amazing device. Stacy Blackman even says that it enables her to make restaurant-quality drinks. Another reviewer says that he takes the machine to all family functions now. Some people don’t like that the standard margarita recipe turns out too watery. However, it’s an issue that’s easy to solve as you can experiment with dozens of recipes available online.


  • 36 oz. easy-pour jar
  • Large-capacity ice reservoir
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Parts are dishwasher-safe
  • Jimmy Buffet signature


  • Included recipes aren’t very good
  • Loud

Margarator (MSB600) 1-Gallon Plus Margarita Slush Machine by Nostalgia Electrics

The Margarator is among the best margarita machines to use when hosting a party at home because of its large capacity.

Whether you want to make slushy for your kids or margaritas and daiquiris for your friends, this margarita machine is what you need. It’s perfect for use at home and anywhere else if you are hosting a party. Due to its high capacity, you can make up to a gallon of frozen concoctions in minutes.

The Margarator features a dual-wall blending chamber, which keeps your drinks cold for a while. The motor runs smoothly and guarantees consistency of your frozen concoctions. You can dispense those goodies fast thanks to the easy-flow spout. The design of the machine enables you to remove the blending chamber full of frozen drink and simply take it with you using the carry-handle.

Many users consider this margarita machine to be a good investment. Tina Kraig says she used hers to make frozen butterbeers for a Harry Potter-themed party and they turned out perfect. Another user commends the straightforward instructions and ease of use. They say the machine makes 8-10 glasses of margarita in one go. There are a few complaints that the machine won’t run. But as another user, AC, explains, you just need to let the motor run for 10 minutes, as the instruction states.


  • Large capacity (up to 1 gallon)
  • Easy to use
  • Keeps the drinks cold
  • Can be transported


  • Needs to run for 10 minutes
  • Big
  • Noisy

Factors to Keep in Mind If You Want to Buy the Best Margarita Machines for Home

Quality of the Blades

The best margarita machines must have top-grade blades. That’s an essential tool for making delicious frozen drinks with a smooth texture. However, as you are buying an appliance for home use, the blades are guaranteed not to be the best. They aren’t professional or industrial-strength, therefore, concoction you get might not be perfectly smooth.

It would be best to buy a machine after you get a chance to taste drinks made in it. But if this isn’t possible, you should study customer reviews carefully. People who use the machine are sure to share their opinion on whether it can make an excellent drink.

Ease of Cleaning

Margarita machines for home can be tricky to clean. This might not seem like a big issue. After all, why should you worry if the jar is sure to be cleaned and any stuck ice can melt, right?

However, a poorly cleaned margarita maker might develop mold in the mechanism. This makes your appliance dangerous, so you should never allow it to come to this. Cleaning and drying margarita machines after every use is a must. Preferably, choose devices with multiple removable parts. They should be dishwasher-friendly as well to ensure better sanitation.

Pre-Programmed Settings

In general, home margarita machines are rather simplistic. The majority of then have only a few basic settings. And if you only want to use yours for making an occasional margarita, this is fine. However, if you are looking to make different types of frozen drinks, you should choose more advanced models.

It’s true that you can mix different drinks even in a single-setting margarita maker. However, your drinks would taste much better if you use specialized settings. This will also make using the machine easier overall.


While the price of a margarita machine doesn’t necessarily, define its quality, the brand often does. Because of the “stress” these appliances are put under, they need to be of a high quality. Otherwise, the motor will give out fast.
Trusted brands with years of history are the safest choice when buying this kind of tech. And even if something does happen with your margarita machine, customer service offered by reputed brands is much better.

In Conclusion: Know What You Want to Buy the Best Margarita Machines

It’s hard to pick the best margarita machines for home because so many of them are amazing. Today, these devices are quite advanced and each can produce bar-grade drinks. Therefore, the decision often comes down to your budget and preferences in design. You should also remember to mind the quality. It might be best to buy this type of appliance from trusted brands. After all, they aren’t cheap, and you shouldn’t waste your money. If you manage to pick a good margarita maker for home, it should provide you with tasty frozen drinks for several years.

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