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Buying the Best Burger Press for Your Needs: Detailed Guide

by Justin

If you love burgers, investing in the best burger press is a must. This will allow you to make truly perfect burgers yourself. Burger presses available today are versatile and affordable, so you don’t have to worry about the cost too much. Choose the best model for you based on how often you plan to use it and what kind of burgers you want to make.

How to Buy the Best Burger Press for Making Great Burgers with Ease

Weston Burger Express Double Hamburger Press with Patty Ejector

The Double Express Hamburger Press by Weston will allow you to make a dozen perfect burger patties in minutes and using no strength at all.

Easy to use, clean, and maintain, this is definitely the best burger press for everyone who loves making many burgers and aims for efficiency. The double press will cut your food prep time in half by default. You also get to cut it further because the press is so easy to use. Simply put the meat in and close it (line the press with paper beforehand). Push the plunger and in moments you’ll have a perfectly-shaped patty on your hands. Can be used for making stuffed burgers, sausage patties, and crab cakes.

This model creates patties that are 4 ½ inch in diameter and their thickness can vary from ¼ inch to 1 ½ inch. Learning how to adjust patty thickness might take a bit of time because markings are hard to see. But otherwise, this press is extremely well-made. The material is non-stick cast aluminum and it can be cleaned by a wet rag.

Thousands of people use this burger press and love it. Victoriana says she’s been using hers for five years and it’s still like new. Another user, JohbH, praises consistent pressure and the ease of making even patties with any meat. Because of the heavy top, the stability of this press isn’t the best, as some users complain. The solution is to screw it to a cutting board. And remember to place it on a non-skid rubber mat when using.


  • Double load
  • Adjustable patty thickness
  • Easy to clean
  • Even pressure


  • Might be unstable
  • Requires paper to avoid tricky cleanup

Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press CGPR-221

This is the best burger press to use on grill for making not only burgers but also ribs, fish, and even sandwiches.

The Cuisinart cast iron burger press measures 3.5’’x9’’ (note the size if you plan to use it in a pan) and features ridges on the surface to create delicious grill marks. It’s a versatile cooking tool that can be used to both shape burger patties and grill them. You can also use it as a press for grilling fish, meat, and making great panini and grilled cheese sandwiches.
The press weighs nearly three pounds, which isn’t too much, so your sandwiches or stuffed burgers won’t be squashed. The material is cast iron and the handle is wood. The quality of materials means that if maintained well, the press can last for decades.
People who used this burger press have many good things to say about it. It’s light enough not to damage, says Deb. MS L adds that it cuts the grilling time for grilled chicken breasts nearly by a half. Some people complain that it rusts, but as Holly Bouchard explains, this is a result of poor maintenance. You must dry a cast iron press immediately. Never leave it to air dry.


  • Not too heavy (2.8 pounds)
  • Ridged


  • May not fit into a grill pan or skillet
  • Handle might rotate

OVOS Aluminum Non-Stick Hamburger Press

This OVOS burger press is cheap but it offers some great perks for its cost when compared to flimsy plastic products in the same price bracket.

If you are looking for a burger press that’s affordable yet not “cheap”, this one is a good choice. It’s made of an aluminum alloy with a non-stick surface finish. The handle is wood and rather ergonomic in design. Overall, this burger press is simple yet delivers everything a device of this type should.

It’s rather light, so you’ll need to apply some effort to press the patties. However, due to the design, this should be fairly easy. The press is dishwasher-safe, so cleaning it will be easy. It’s best to put pieces of waxed paper at the top and bottom to make cleanup even easier. But most importantly, this will reduce the risk of patties falling apart when you are trying to remove them from the press. 50 pieces of paper are included in the package. It’s not very deep, so it might not fit if you plan to make stuffed burgers.

This model has the majority of positive reviews. It’s simple yet well-built, notes Jeff S. Koala50, another reviewer, says she has a problem with her collarbone but can still use this press easily. There are some complaints about how the handle is flimsy, but for a product so cheap, this is a very minor drawback.


  • Affordable
  • Non-stick aluminum alloy
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Flimsy handle
  • Not heavy

Bellemain Cast Iron Grill Press

This Bellemain model is the best burger press for grilling and making delicious burgers, bacon, and sandwiches.

The press is simple to use, you just need to heat it up and place it on top of the grilling meat. The 8.5’’ diameter means the circular press will easily fit into the majority of pans and skillets. The material is quality cast iron, which means that the heat is distributed evenly. Bellemain also ensures the quality of its products, so you can be sure that the press is perfectly balanced.

This means that the pressure distribution will also be even. Therefore, you’ll be able to make delicious perfectly shaped burgers. And grill them without losing any flavor. The press weighs 3lbs, which makes it a perfect weight for grilling without squishing the patty. Note that the press’ design is very stylish, so it’ll add some beauty to your kitchen simply by being there.

The vast majority of users love this burger press dearly. Wingnut’s World goes as far as to claim that this is exactly how cast iron should be made. Chrissy also commends how the shape is a better fit for cookware than square presses. Quite a few users complain about the press rusting. However, this only happens when you don’t care for it correctly. With cast iron, you need to wash it with non-acidic soap and warm water immediately after use and dry right away! It’s essential to dry it and coat with a thin layer of oil.


  • Perfect weight and heat distribution
  • Sturdy always-cool handle
  • Cool design


  • Requires special care (like all cast iron)
  • Rather large (8.5’’ diameter)

Grillaholics Stuffed Burger Press & Recipe E-Book

Made of BPA-free durable plastic this press is designed specifically for making stuffed burgers with ease.

Lovers of stuffed burgers, rejoice! You now have a very simple, affordable, yet highly efficient device that allows you to make them at home in minutes. You no longer need to suffer forming patties with your hands as the press makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3. You load about 2/3 of the meat into it, press it, then make an indent and place the stuffing, then add the rest of the meat and seal it up by pressing again. Some recipes are included in the package.

The Grillaholics’ press is designed for stuffed burgers specifically, so if you try for regular patties, they will come out way too big. The biggest perk of this model is a push-up bottom plate that allows you to remove the patty easily and without damaging it. The device is made of BPA-free durable plastic and can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

Used by thousands of burger lovers, this press has accumulated multiple positive reviews. People like the most how easy it is to use and how it speeds up the process of making stuffed burgers. Dave Russel, among many, says that the model is excellent in design and compliments the push-up bottom plate. There are a few complaints that the meat sticks to that pate. However, you can easily solve that problem by oiling it occasionally.


  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Push-up plate for patty removal


  • For big stuffed burgers only

Important Things to Think of When Choosing the Best Burger Press for Personal Use

To choose the best burger press you should decide on its basic design first. Handheld presses are very easy to use and clean. But the biggest problem with them is getting the pressure distribution right. In the majority of cases, you’ll end up with somewhat lopsided patties, and even that will take time. Therefore, a molded burger press might be a better choice. You only need to get it stuffed with ground meat and the upper press will do the rest of the work. The patty will be even and perfectly circular.

However, with these models, you need to be careful of the materials and design. You don’t want to ruin the patty while removing it from the mold. Therefore, look for devices with non-stick surfaces and, if possible, some ejector mechanism.

TIP: No matter how “non-stick” the surface of a burger press is, it’s always best to get an extra layer of protection. The best thing to do is to place a piece of waxed paper at the bottom and on top of the meat. Then, use the press. The patty will be easier to remove from the paper and it will make the cleanup a breeze. Some manufacturers sell specialized papers with their devices, but you can use regular waxed paper you use for baking. Just be sure to cut it in squares of an appropriate size beforehand.

Another important consideration is the material of the press. If you are looking for something cheaper, plastic or aluminum alloys are a good option. However, if you want a truly durable piece, you should go for high-quality aluminum or cast iron.

But remember that every type of material requires its own special care. Not cleaning and storing your burger press right might ruin it very fast.

  • Plastic.
    Plastic presses are very easy to maintain because they usually are dishwasher-safe and don’t need any special care. However, the words “non-stick” on the label mean little for plastic, so you should oil the press when using.
  • Aluminum & alloys.
    Check out if the specific model you’ve chosen is dishwasher-safe. If it’s not, follow the cleaning instructions. Unless you damage the piece severely, an aluminum press should stay in excellent shape for years.
  • Cast iron.
    Cast iron is a material that can last for generations, but it’s also the one that rusts easily when you don’t maintain it right. To clean a cast iron press, you need to hand-wash it right after use. Choose a gentle cleanser or soap and warm water. You need to remove all grease thoroughly. Then, dry the press immediately. Cast iron must not be left to air dry. Wipe it with a paper towel to remove all traces of water and apply a thin coat of oil before storing the press away until the next use.

Final Thoughts on How to Buy the Best Burger Press

If you want to find the best burger press for you, remember what exactly you want to use it for. Do you want a press for making patties fast or do you want a device to help you grill and sear those burgers perfectly? There are also stuffed burgers to take into account. Some of the presses available today are very versatile in their uses. But if you are looking for the best possible results, you should consider buying a press designed for one specific purpose, for example, like the Grillaholics model is for stuffed burgers.

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